Same Day Local Delivery (Christchurch Only)

We are now offering Same Day Local Delivery (Mon to Friday) within 15km of our Christchurch unit. This will cover the majority of Christchurch addresses.

The cost of local delivery is $10. 

Your order must be received by 5pm to be delivered on the same day. We will deliver your order between 6.30pm and 9pm. Any orders received after 5pm will be delivered on the following evening (Monday to Friday).


1. You must be within 15km of our Christchurch unit.

2. You must order before 5pm for your order to be delivered on the same day.

3. You must leave a phone number in case we need to query the delivery address.


1. We do not offer this service on Saturday or Sunday. Any local delivery orders placed on these days will not be delivered until Monday evening.

2. We do not delivery on Christmas day. Any local delivery orders placed on this day will not be delivered until the day after (Monday to Friday).

How Do I Choose Local Delivery When Checking Out?

You must use the standard checkout process, or Shop Pay when checking out. You cannot use Apply Pay, PayPal etc.

Follow the standard checkout process. Fill in your address. Click over to the shipping options page. If your address is within our delivery area then the Local Delivery option will be available. If your address is outside of this area then the option will not show. In this case, you will have to choose a different address or use our standard courier service.

How Will Same Day Local Delivery Be Carried Out?

We will deliver between 6.30pm and 9pm.

We will deliver as per any delivery instructions.

We may photograph the place of delivery as proof of delivery.

We will notify you via email after delivery (or text if no email has been provided).

Why Does It Cost More to Deliver Locally?

Local deliveries are carried out by our own driver. This delivery driver will be delivering all orders from our various sales channels. We expect there to be only a few orders going out for same day Local Delivery a week, and therefore, we do not have economies of scale like NZ Post or NZ Couriers do. Our driver may have to do a 20km round trip just to deliver a single order.

If we get to the point in which 10 or so orders are going out for Local Delivery every evening via our various sales channels, then the price will be reduced.