Are water beads safe for children?

Are water beads safe for children?

The water beads we sell are perfectly safe for ages 4 and above if used as directed.

  • Only allow children aged 4+ to play with them.
  • Keep an eye on your children when they are playing.
  • Do not allow children access to dry water beads.

Our water beads are non-toxic, will not break down in the digestive tract, and won't stick together. Most importantly, our water beads only grow to a maximum of 16mm, and if swallowed will easily pass through your child (They do, in fact, reduce in size whilst going through the intestines due to water being drawn out of the beads). There is no risk of a dangerous blockage with our product.

However, the beads may pose a danger if inserted into the nose or ears whilst in their dry state. Once in a persons nose or ears, they can absorb moisture and increase in size. Even a small increase of 1 - 2mm can cause pain and damage to delicate parts of the body. Therefore, we recommend that you only allow your children to play with the water beads after they have grown to their full size.

If you believe your child has managed to get a dry water bead stuck in their ear or nose then please see your doctor or visit the ER immediately.